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We watch over people’s health and life. It is our commitment to quality.
Experience in the distribution of over-the-counter medications.


We are a company with many years of experience in the medicine area. We comply with all the guidelines that govern each country where we operate, so we are authorized for the distribution and marketing of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and all those that require a prescription.

OTC Drugs

OTC Drugs are sold directly to a consumer without a prescription from a healthcare professional, as opposed to prescription drugs, which may be sold only to consumers possessing a valid prescription.

With Medical Prescription

The medical prescription is the legal document through which legally trained doctors prescribe medication to the patient for dispensing by the pharmacist. The prescription is an individualized and dynamic clinical process.


Each of our actions are focused on the integral satisfaction of our customers.

Best Company


To be one of the best companies to offer competitive alternatives in the pharmaceutical sector and provide high quality medicines.

Quality of life


To improve quality of living through competitively prices medicines, generic or innovative.

Quality promise


Our characteristic is honesty, and we are committed to selecting only high quality supplies to meet the needs of our customers.

Business Solution

Our Philosophy

In PharmaActives S.A. we strive to look for high quality generic medicines that are accessible to the national population. We are constantly searching for innovative laboratories that comply with the GMP that our legislation requires.

Long Relationship

Business Partners

In PhamaActives we have a long relationship of trust with our collaborators and business partners, and thus we have institutional security. Our reason for being is to offer opportunities for health and improve people's lives. Today is the beginning of a future.


We always look for a healthy environment for the benefit of our customers and users.
Our customers receive good conditions of use of the service exceeding expectations.
We speak with the truth. We are sensitive to other people. We learn from others.
We are on alert to people's needs. This allows us to be sensitive.
Adverse Reaction PharmaActives

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) an adverse reaction is «any unintended harmful reaction that appears at doses normally used in humans for prophylaxis, diagnosis or treatment or to modify physiological functions.»The branch of pharmacology dedicated to the study of adverse reactions is pharmacovigilance. Some types of adverse reaction are:
  • Allergic effects

  • Properties of the medicactions

  • Anaphylaxis with Penicillins

  • Type 'A' Reactions

  • Type 'B' Reactions

  • Induced Hypoglycemia

  • Adverse Reaction


The information provided will be confidential and will be used for informational purposes, registration, monitoring and analysis. With this we comply with the regulation of good pharmacovigilance practices of the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica


    Pharmacovigilance was defined in 2002 by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the science that seeks to collect, monitor, investigate and evaluate information on the effects of medicines, biological products, medicinal plants and traditional medicines, with the aim of Identify what causes reactions and prevent damage to patients.


    It guarantees the correct use of medicines and detects on time the adverse effects or any other medications related problem.


    Every medication is subject to a process that includes pre-clinical and clinical tests to know its efficacy and safety.


    It is a vital process to adopt regulatory measures aimed at ensuring patient safety in relation to the use of medications.

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